• 11 basic but important App store guidelines

    app store guidelines

    Now you don’t have to break your keyboard if you’ve made any of the following mistakes. But, you can definitely note your shortcomings and work on correcting them before uploading your next app. Here are some app store guidelines you could keep in mind. 1. Make sure there aren’t any…

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  • Interviewing Dan Katcher from Rocket Farm Studios – Top Boston App Developers

    Dan Kathcer, Rocket Farm Studios

    We’re featuring Rocket Farm Studios today as part of our Top App Developers Interview series. They’re a homegrown Boston app development firm that are among the Top 5 in the city. We’re speaking to Dan Katcher, the founder, on what makes them tick. Vishruth: Why don’t we start off with…

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  • Interviewing Phunware – Top Austin app Developer

    Alan Knitowski - Phunware

    About Alan Knitowski, CEO of Phunware: Alan is a successful serial entrepreneur with multiple exits over a 15-year period to companies including Cisco Systems, Level 3 Communications and Internet Security Systems (now NYSE: IBM). He was a 2014 Finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for…

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  • Are Startups Taking App Security Into Consideration?

    Are startups taking app security seriously?

    App security is a major concern for a number of users. With the news of hacks and malware becoming more common on the internet, it’s not uncommon for the average smartphone user to wonder whether or not he or she is actually safe online. Some are beginning to take a…

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  • A Pokemon Go case study on scale


    The game that has one of the highest number of active users(an estimated 26 million in the US) and broke the download record in the Apple app store for most number of downloads in it’s opening week. It’s also the reason Nintendo’s(part owner of Niantic Inc) stock went up by…

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  • Self-driving cars – state of the industry

    Tesla model S - Self-driving cars

    Things are different now as compared to 2013 when Google made a $250 Million investment in Uber. Google has been pursuing the research and development of self-driving cars for a while now. Uber, on the other hand has also started its pursuit of the driverless car.  While it would be…

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  • How data analytics has always been around

    Data analytics - older than we think!

    Use of data analytics in business has recently hit the mainstream with a lot of tech startups adopting various tools to improve their business. But there is a lesser-known side to this story which is easily ignored – analytics has always been around! Scientists, for example, have been using it…

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  • ContractIQ interviews: Mukesh Unnikrishnan


    This interview marks the beginning of a new interview series with some ContractIQ alumni as well as existing employees and advisors. We begin with Mukesh, the happy-go-lucky, startup-loving developer who was with us from August 2014 until the end of 2015. Kozhikode in Kerala is his hometown and he worked…

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  • Top Developers – our ranking of top dev teams

    Top developers

    At ContractIQ, we’re always committed to helping customers find the best app development teams for their projects. This week’s blog post is to introduce you to the ranking system we’ve built on our new ‘Top App Developers’ ranking pages and give you some insights into the trends we observed. The…

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  • Why SMBs are moving towards online money lenders


    SMBs(small and medium businesses) have always found it tough to borrow capital from large public and private sector banks. And since the financial depression in 2008, it has become even more difficult. Banks all over the world have made it tougher for SMEs to borrow working capital, while large corporations…

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